Ricky Schwartz getting killed off! We say HELL NO.

Rumor mill has it Ricky Schwartz is getting killed off of the MTV Awkward show. If this is true I am boycotting MTV. Seriously, what could MTV be thinking. Ricky is the most interesting character on the show! DO NOT KILL RICKY, or you’ll kill the show!savericky


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MTV Awkward Press Contact

Rayna Schwartz

rayna.schwartz@mtvstaff.com 310.752.8701


Tamara: Let me …

Tamara: Let me tell you something about Ricky Schwartz. The only time he uses the “L word” is for burritos and lesbian porn.

Ricky gets a makeover!

I can’t wait for the next episode!! Gah, I’m so excited ☺ Wishing it’s Friday again already. And oh, I forgot to mention that Ricky Schwartz’s much easier on the eyes this season!

A Match Made in Hell?

A match made in hell?

What do you think about this unlikely couple?

Ricky Schwartz gets Face Time

Ricky Schwartz finally got some face time on the most recent episode of “Awkward,” but his presence at the Hamilton Family Rager might not have been a good thing. All party attendees remember–except for Jenna, who was drugged by her aunt–that Tamara‘s band crush locked lips with “Lil’ Bitch,” and since T didn’t get amnesia, the image of Ricky smooching her best friend was burned in her brain forever.

love birds? Sadie Saxton and Ricky Schwartz

Valentine’s Day also had some repercussions for new love birds Sadie Saxton and Ricky Schwartz. It also looks like Sadie is only looking for kisses while Ricky is full-on smitten. Good luck, Schwartz, she’s a wild one.

Ricky Schwartz – MTV Awkward

Ricky Schwartz - MTV Awkward

MTV Awkward Ricky Schwartz

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