The Ricky Schwartz Theory

Ricky Schwartz Theory

So last night Sadie pretended to “help” Tamara ruin Ricky Schwartz but somehow ended up making him more popular, right? I mean sure, it could have just been because messing with Tamara is satisfaction enough, but our girl Sadie usually has multiple hidden agendas. So here’s what I think one of them is:

After the whole Matty passing out on her (or should I say under her?) on New Year’s Eve, if she’s not completely over him, she’s at least smart enough to stop pursuing him. She also probably realizes that if she didn’t get Ricky hooked on her with that “amazing” kiss.

I think she is trying to make Ricky more popular so that someone popular likes her. She could then do with him as she wishes.

What do you think?


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